PBG flies with Fluzzard, rolls into Rollodillo's butt, and accidentally finds a secret star.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Part 7 (SKYWARD SWORD!)
Upload Date June 29th 2015
Series Sucking At Super Mario Galaxy 2
Episode No. 7

Stars 2
Deaths 3

Synopsis Edit

PBG stuffs up his intro. PBG wants to get 3 stars today. He can't figure out how to go back to Bank Toad. He heads to Wild Glide Galaxy instead. PBG is taught how to fly - it's like Skyward Sword. He flies through the level. PBG tries to get a coin, but can't, and smacks into a ring.

He tries again. PBG throws three star bits to get four star bits. He crashes into a ice spike. PBG feels bad for smacking the shy bird into things. PBG nosedives through the goal, and gets the best time! PBG likes Fluzzard.PBG is still worried about the game saving. PBG takes all his star bits, but he doesn't get anything for his investment. PBG is tired. PBG talks about all the food he has eaten. He arrives at Boulder Bowl Galaxy. PBG is amused by one of the Toad's.

PBG finds the Rock Mario transformation. He is like the Goron from Majora's Mask. PBG smashes a giant jewel for a comet coin. PBG goes bowling. He destroys everything to get more starbits. PBG launches to the boss area.

PBG is pretty sure he needs to roll onto Rollodillo's butt. He keeps on getting knocked over, and attacked by Rollodillo. He yells at the stupid plumber as he is killed! Mario randomly stops rolling. PBG thought he hit Rollodillo's butt, but missed. PBG finally wins and gets the star. PBG tries to roll into the star. It doesn't work.PBG comments on the Toad that loves to deliver mail. PBG needs only a few more starbits. He searches the space ship for some. He finally finds a bunch in space, and feeds the hungry luma. PBG discusses his Top 10 Weirdest characters video where he discusses the lumas. PBG heads to Honeybloom Galaxy after promising 3 stars. PBG does not remember this level. He finds some starbits after swinging around. He finds a secret star and is confused by it!PBG wanted to do a secret star episode, so he is disappointed by that! PBG asks for viewer suggested stars.