PBG struggles to run up a slope with Yoshi, and rides on a shell underwater.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Part 6 (DASH YOSHI DISASTER!)
Upload Date June 27th 2015
Series Sucking At Super Mario Galaxy 2
Episode No. 6

Stars 2
Deaths 2

Synopsis Edit

PBG jumps into Hightail Fall Galaxy. PBG's WiiMote is acting up. PBG discusses Yoshi's dash pepper ability. It is hot in PBG's office. PBG rides Yoshi and uses the dash pepper. PBG probably won't die from the heat. Yoshi is OK even though he fell a long way. PBG keeps on failing to climb to the top of the level. PBG messes up at least 9 times on the same spot. PBG wonders what is wrong with him.

This time he hits a goomba! PBG wonders how he missed getting to the launch star. PBG is mad at himself. He promises Jeff that he will get it. PBG finally gets it, and reaches the flagpole before running out of pepper, missing a jump and falls to his death.

The pepper runs out in the same spot, but PBG pulls off the jump. PBG finds a secret area. Yoshi eats the goombas. PBG can barely hear the music. PBG reaches the next flagpole. He gets confused and tries to go back, but can't go left, and dies.

PBG is embarrassed. He screws up some more, and keeps on getting turned around. PBG explains that if you want to have people make fun of you, do a Pokemon Nuzlocke! PBG reaches the star in one go.PBG doesn't have to talk to Lubba now! PBG wants to go to Cosmic Cove Galaxy. PBG likes the shell riding mechanic. He loses his shell and has to spin instead. PBG explains how he has been making a new Fallout collection series and a new PBG video that he has been working on for a long time. PBG turns the waterfall into ice, and climbs up to it to get the star. PBG wonders how the penguins will cope under the ice.He tells a Toad to give him his money.