PBG fights a dragon, solves a puzzle and kills a mother and its baby!

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Part 5 (MANDIBUG MASSACRE!)
Upload Date June 26th 2015
Series Sucking At Super Mario Galaxy 2
Episode No. 5

Stars 2
Deaths 0

Synopsis Edit

Mario is sleeping. PBG arrives at Bowser Jr's Fiery Flotilla. PBG is already forgetting what he is doing. He explains how he never forgets most of the games he plays a lot of, but has a terrible memory for these games. Luckily they aren't too complicated. PBG tries to talk about the bowling in this game.

PBG falls off the edge into lava, and loses 3 health, and is thankful that he got the mushroom. Bowser Jr appears. The dragon guy appears, and PBG is impressed by this cool looking boss fight. PBG gets the first two warts, and takes damage from the third. PBG doesn't get given a chance as he gets hit by the head.

PBG somehow misses the last one. PBG barely gets it, and the beautiful dragon explodes. PBG gets the grand star.PBG got distracted from what he was talking about again. Lubba talks and they get another cutscene. PBG arrives at Puzzle Plank Galaxy, and he discusses what he meant by a 'real 3D' Mario game. PBG gets messed up by the Wigglers so he can't get all the music notes.

PBG wants big levels with multiple stars in them like Super Mario 64. Beach Bowl Galaxy feels like an actual world rather then a set stage. PBG realizes that he is complaining about Super Mario Galaxy. He finds an excessive amount of coins. He doesn't get all the coins.

PBG doesn't pay a lot of attention again, as he gets to the half way flag. PBG likes the games where the ground gets taken away from you. PBG talks about Mario Party. PBG has to solve a puzzle. Once it is solved, he has to fight two bugs. He feels bad about beating them. He has to kill a mother and a child to get the star!PBG has to talk to Lubba again!