PBG flips switches by jumping, and is flipped upside down himself in this episode of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Part 4 (BANK TOAD!)
Upload Date June 24th 2015
Series Sucking At Super Mario Galaxy 2
Episode No. 4

Stars 2
Deaths 1

Synopsis Edit

PBG decides to not call the series PBG Sucks at, just in case he doesn't suck at the game. PBG has enough star bits to feed a hungry luma. PBG likes the short platforming galaxies as he heads to Flip-Swap Galaxy. PBG asks Jeff if it is some kind of puzzle. "Ionno?" "Sorry :("

PBG shows the game design shown by the crystal at the start. PBG explains that he is filming this series in bulk due to Hardcore ending. PBG makes it to the flagpole. PBG is worried about spacing out. He makes a mistake, but grabs onto a ledge. A little further up, he slips up again, and dies because of karma.

He makes a mistake again, but grabs onto the platform. He gets shocked by an electric fence, but survives long enough to grab the star.Lubba makes a joke. PBG finds a bunch of starbits on the map. PBG heads to Rightside Down Galaxy. PBG is not good at the gravity flipping stages. Captain Toad is so cowardly. PBG gets some coins. "Good job"

PBG feels a flawless run coming - before getting slapped by a piranha plant. PBG flips the level upside down. He gets knocked over by a chain chomp. PBG wonders if the Thwomps kill Mario in one hit. PBG makes it to the flag and finds the fire power up.

He reaches another flagpole. The gravity changes  in a new section. PBG rushes past Thwomps. PBG circles around the star. Eventually he gets it.Lubba starts to talk again. A Toad start to collect starbits. PBG gives Toad his starbits. PBG wants his Wiimote to print money. PBG tries to kill himself by jumping off the faceship. It didn't work.