PBG spins on the boss, but struggles learning how the cloud works.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Part 3 (EVIL LUBBA!)
Upload Date June 20th 2015
Series Sucking At Super Mario Galaxy 2
Episode No. 3

Stars 2
Deaths 1

Synopsis Edit

They should make a Super Mario Galaxy 3. Lubba liked being hit. PBG wonders if it is fun to have a second player. PBG heads to Spin-Dig Galaxy. PBG finds the spin drill power up, and he demonstrates it. PBG needed to re-record some of his footage, and realized that this game autosaves. PBG finds a comet medal.

He continues through the level and reaches a bonus area. PBG liked how Super Mario 64 was more open and had a lot of stars on them. Captain Toad doesn't remember Mario! PBG is confused by what he says. The lumas have a strange life. PBG reaches the boss and complains about the autosaving. He defeats it easily, and gets the star. PBG decides to walk around instead of drilling, and doesn't know why he did that.

PBG is annoyed that he paid for the extra health he didn't need. PBG rolls a giant dice to get a life. PBG's WiiMote is freaking out. He can't decide which level to go to, and settles on Fluffy Bluff Galaxy. PBG discusses making a Top 10 Weird Mario items list, and almost falls off a cliff.

He becomes Cloud Mario and finds an excessive amount of coins. PBG fails to make a cloud, and falls to his death! PBG doesn't know how to make the power up work, and learns that he can only use the clouds 3 times. PBG says that he makes the same voice and grunts a lot.

PBG progresses through the level. PBG tries to save his clouds for when he needs them. PBG likes swinging on things. PBG uses his clouds to get over to the monkey. He is given an excessive amount of clouds. He is given the star.