PBG defeats Bowser one more time to complete Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Part 30 (FINALE!)
Upload Date November 11th 2015
Series Sucking At Super Mario Galaxy 2
Episode No. 30

Stars 1
Deaths 4

Synopsis Edit

PBG unlocks the last galaxy, and watches the cutscene with Lubba. He heads to Bowser's Galaxy Generator. PBG arrives on a golf course where he finds extra health. PBG can't avoid the fire. He flicks and kicks the hammer bros. PBG does not recommend flying over lava on a flower. PBG drills to avoid giant bullet bills. He climbs with the cloud power up, and keeps on ground pounding.

PBG loves drawbridges, as he gets Yoshi. Yoshi dies after falling into the lava. PBG makes the same mistake again, and is down to 1 health left. He stops moving, and falls into lava and dies. Yoshi licks the hammer bros into lava. Mario and Yoshi die violently by being crushed by a wall of lava. PBG waits too long and the platform vanishes, and he has to leave Yoshi behind.

PBG is attacked by a blargg, and the moving platform he is standing on leaves him behind, leaving him to die in the lava and fall off the cliff. PBG tries to avoid the blargg, but missing a platform, and gets left behind again. PBG becomes frustrated as Yoshi doesn't double jump. He somehow manages to not be left behind this time. PBG finds the health mushroom that is trying to hide, and he opens the door with the 'butt balls'.

PBG faces Bowser. PBG is offended by Bowser's speech. PBG begs to Bowser to not attack him. PBG hits Bowser with the asteroids. Bowser starts breathing fire. PBG is surprised as he defeats Bowser and the grand star appears.

Bowser comes back as PBG predicted. PBG has to shoot at Bowser while flying through space. Bowser is defeated - he didn't even get his cake! PBG forgot about Peach! PBG bounces on top of Peach.A cutscene plays with the observatory from the first game. PBG complains about him having to do all the work. PBG tries to do voices for all the characters, and cracks himself up with Luma's voice. PBG idolizes Miyamoto. He plans on one day revisiting the game to get more stars. The rest of the credits play.