Note: The correct title has two hearts in it.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Part 2 (IGN heart's PBG!)
Upload Date June 17th 2015
Series Sucking At Super Mario Galaxy 2
Episode No. 2

Stars 2
Deaths 1

PBG plays with Yoshi in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Synopsis Edit

PBG shows the map and heads to Yoshi Star Galaxy. PBG discusses how being able to play as Yoshi was a big selling point of this game. PBG struggles to beat up a wizard, and hatches Yoshi. Yoshi is shown off. PBG keeps running into people in the bonus area.

PBG tries to tell a story about his fiancee and his dog, and gets beaten up by enemies. PBG doesn't remember this game as well as the first one. Yoshi just believes in himself a little bit to give himself a double jump. PBG is knocked off of Yoshi, and falls off the edge while he was trying to tell a story. PBG made a fake review of Mario Galaxy 2. PBG doubts that anyone would have seen it. PBG reaches the star.PBG heads back to Yoshi Star. Spinies are wondering around now, and PBG talks about how he doesn't care about knowing the enemies names. Yoshi is apparently immortal as he can suck up spinies! PBG almost dies in a bonus level again! He even leaves Yoshi behind! PBG tries to discuss the lore about Yoshis. PBG likes doing reviews for cartoons. PBG jumps across small planets and struggles to work out the gravity. PBG thinks about his old Mario video again. PBG was dreaming about getting the game early, and PBG remembers that the official IGN channel commented on it! PBG fights an angry guy on a cloud. He spams spinies towards the boss, and eventually kills it. PBG gets the star with Yoshi.