PBG battles Bowser Jr. before taking on a lava planet full of lava monsters.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Part 25 (BASICALLY GOOD!)
Upload Date September 30th 2015
Series Sucking At Super Mario Galaxy 2
Episode No. 25

Stars 2
Deaths 0

Synopsis Edit

PBG is close to beating the game. He heads to Bowser Jr.'s Boom Bunker. PBG promises to do Throwback Galaxy at some point. All the Toads are scared. PBG realizes that the destroyed robot is the booby bot from earlier, and gets a bullet bill to chase him to unlock a cannon.

Mario gets launched into a target. The Wiimote loved that! PBG likes kicking enemies in the face and they die! PBG expects the comments to be filled of games where characters can kick enemies which die. PBG uses clouds to head to Bowser Jr.'s "Whatever it it".

PBG gets distracted and doesn't see the large fire ball coming at him. PBG works out that he needs to ground pound the top of the machine. Bowser Jr. tries to suck PBG in, and PBG gets shocked when he reaches the top. Bowser Jr. moves around in his tank. PBG pretends to make a big deal out of it. PBG tries to get to the top, but misses. He successfully blows up the boomsday device. It was fairly easy. PBG complains that he only gets to play in six of the galaxies shown in the background.PBG forgets how to go into Lubba's voice. He can't do it! PBG heads to Melty Monster Galaxy, which looks like something from Starfox. PBG briefly talks about what he thinks of Starfox. PBG enjoys being Luigi again. PBG dodges monsters as he tries to maneuver himself to the launch star. PBG doesn't buy the fact that a monster takes up an entire planet. PBG jumps from pole to pole and moves across platforms on lava. He launches himself across tornados, and PBG is impressed. PBG discovers a planet filled with weird monsters. PBG panics as the gravity acts strangely as he gets to the star.PBG wants something cool on the ship - like a lava monster and Fluzzard!