PBG springs and flips into action as he collects more fan stars.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Part 23 (FAN STARS #3!)
Upload Date September 19th 2015
Series Sucking At Super Mario Galaxy 2
Episode No. 23

Stars 2
Deaths 3

Synopsis Edit

This is the third fan star episode. PBG struggles to read the first suggestion. The first star is in Chompworks Galaxy. PBG likes the spring power up. It is Mario inside a slinky! Luka's hair is in PBG's mouth. PBG collects starbits from a robot taking punishment. PBG is knocked off by a chomp into the lava and dies. It happens again on his last jump - twice more.

It gets weirder as another robot takes mini chomps to the face. PBG tries to climb up a wall without falling. He only falls once, and gets the star.PBG finds out that this was the first spring star in the game. The next star is in Space Storm Galaxy. PBG is terrified when he gets trapped in a bubble. Time can be slowed down. It makes the level too easy. Later sections require time to be slowed down as he climbs the tower. PBG will make another apology video for missing a coin again. He skills some tops at the top of the tower and gets the star.The last star is in Flipsville Galaxy, which PBG has not been to yet. PBG comments on the different visuals of the levels, and makes sure he gets coins as everyone yells at him for not collecting them. PBG is impressed at Captain Toad climbing all the way to the top. PBG takes a shortcut and calls hacks.

He gets a comet coin. PBG can't stop thinking about comments telling him that he skipped a coin. PBG likes the flag arrangement of the game to make it harder. PBG gets run over by chomps. PBG sees the boss in the distance, and already knows how to beat it. PBG starts the boss fight.

He runs up and hits her. PBG has one health to do this! PBG hits the flips to deal damage, and decides to hide on the lower platform. It proves to be an easy fight. PBG thinks she is going to be mad, but she dies instead!Another letter is addressed to the baby luma.