PBG slides down a sandy slide, fights a boss with cannons, before sliding on ice and throwing coconuts at enemies.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Part 22 (SQUIZZARD! ...And Other Stuff.)
Upload Date September 16th 2015
Series Sucking At Super Mario Galaxy 2
Episode No. 22

Stars 2
Deaths 5

Synopsis Edit

PBG has no plan for this episode. PBG looks at the new galaxies. He heads to Slipsand Galaxy. He slips down a slide. He finds a secret that gives him a lot of coins. He misses the last one. PBG comments on how unsafe the planet looks. PBG wants to shoot a chicken with star bits. PBG shoots down several of them like shooting down planes. PBG misses a secret using the fire flower as he can't hear the music.

PBG slides down a slide, and can't see where he is going. Giant rolling things look very happy as PBG dodges them. After reaching the sink hole, a boss appears eventually. PBG is confused as to what to do. He was throwing fire into Squizzard's mouth, which he works out was correct. PBG is confused by the creature as it starts throwing out bombs! PBG isn't given much of an opportunity to hit and dies. He finally wins after the cannons didn't show up.He goes to Shiverburn Galaxy. PBG has never heard of someone being in a peppery mood! PBG points out the spooky guys looking down above the level. PBG panics and runs across moving platforms above the lava. He falls in and dies. PBG overthinks his jumps and dies again. He continues to fall into the lava and failing. Once he gets past, he ice skates past icy meteors. PBG is distracted by a lot of things on the screen at once as he destroys enemies throwing coconuts at him. He ends up dying after the icy path disappears under him. He gets past and finds a Toad. PBG is amused by the boss running around his area. PBG claims the boss did nothing wrong. PBG is surprised as how easy it was to defeat the enemy.PBG asks for more fan stars. Luma receives a letter. PBG puts on a weird voice to end the episode. Lubba wants to insult PBG.