PBG devotes an episode to collecting purple coins.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Part 21 (PURPLE COIN FAILURE!)
Upload Date September 12th 2015
Series Sucking At Super Mario Galaxy 2
Episode No. 21

Stars 3
Deaths 7

Synopsis Edit

PBG tones down his intro. He wants to do another prankster comet in Puzzle Plank Galaxy. There are a lot of purple coins to collect in a minute. There are also shadow Mario's chasing him. It gets out of control as he misses one coin. He easily succeeds with 14 seconds left, and is excited when the shadow Mario's explode into starbits.He decides to try it again to see how many shadow Mario's can spawn. He gets it just in time. He realizes that he gets the exact same number of starbits. Prankster comets start spawning all over the place. The next one is at Flip-Swap Galaxy. PBG assumes that everyone has faith in his abilities to play video games. It isn't terribly hard, but PBG comments that there is still plenty of time for him to screw it up. He makes it. PBG needs motivation of people wanting him to fail.He heads to Tall Trunk Galaxy. PBG is excited to do the slide again. He has to be Luigi again. PBG feels like he is not succeeding as he misses a lot of coins. He falls into a gap and dies. He reaches the end and gets 83, but misses the planet and falls to his death!

PBG doesn't like this star and gets grumpy. PBG starts yelling at Luigi. He gets to 87, and is killed when he reaches the end. He misses the planet again with 92 coins. PBG keeps on hitting the same spike every time. After getting 101 coins, he falls off just before the end. PBG commentates himself, as he falls off the cliff.

PBG starts rambling as he becomes depressed. He misses the last few coins at the end and comes up short with 96. He gets his first game over. Lubba is even telling PBG to take a break! PBG fires Luigi. PBG just makes noises as he plays as Mario and finally succeeds.PBG apologises for that taking so long.