PBG plays with Fluzzard again in a race, before throwing bob-ombs around.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Part 20 (FLUZZARD RETURNS!)
Upload Date September 7th 2015
Series Sucking At Super Mario Galaxy 2
Episode No. 20

Stars 3
Deaths 4

Synopsis Edit

PBG reads a letter from Bank Toad. PBG gets to go back to Fluzzard in Wild Glide Galaxy. PBG wonders why Fluzzard looks so much different to the others. PBG and Fluzzard race the other birds. This section controls just like Skyward Sword. PBG panics as they almost hit a wall. They finish 3rd. PBG gets trash talked, and the birds kill Mario for losing!

PBG tries to fly lower, and crashes into the ground. Staying low is working. He wins. PBG wants Fluzzard to be the leader. All the other birds will die now after PBG leaves!PBG wants Fluzzard to be on the ship, but another one of the birds is there instead. PBG is disappointed. PBG arrives at Space Storm Galaxy in World 5. PBG does not remember this star. PBG has to play as Luigi. PBG jumps across platforms and gets shocked by an electric fence on the way. PBG finally sees the Bob-omb he needs to get into the next area.

PBG decides to pick up and throw the bombs instead of having them chase him. PBG doesn't try very hard as he gets electrocuted as he gets towards the star. He ends up falling when he is trying to pull himself to the star. PBG is confused as to how he fell.

PBG misses a pull star and dies, followed by falling off the earlier platform trying to take a shortcut. This time he succeeds in pulling off the shortcut to avoid using the bomb. PBG is much more careful this time as he gets to the star.The entire of world 5 unlocks. PBG wants to do a quick comet star. Blocks are flying at Mario's face, and he gets chased by Shadow Marios as he gets the pieces of the launch star. PBG has to keep on moving, and he wonders what makes it a comet star. This was an easy star.PBG will end the series on 60 stars and maybe do a completed run later on.