PBG begins the new Sucking At series, with Super Mario Galaxy 2!

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Part 1 (FACESHIP!)
Upload Date June 13th 2015
Series Sucking At Super Mario Galaxy 2
Episode No. 1

Stars 1
Deaths 1

Synopsis Edit

PBG welcomes the viewer to the new series. He stuffs up his intro, and has to start over. PBG wasn't planning on playing this so soon. PBG has never played this on his Wii U before. PBG has all the Normal Boots guys on his Wii U, but not himself! He has PuhBuhGu - his evil clone or something. PBG still doesn't know what PuhBuhGu is. PBG recorded another series, and didn't like it.

Peach has written a letter as usual. The game starts in a flipbook, and PBG collects star bits and coins. A llama appears. PBG explains that the sequel doesn't need to have a big opening. PBG discusses which Mario Galaxy game is better.

Bowser appears. Bowser demands Peach be a stereotype. PBG points out that he has a hard job paying attention while playing games.

Mario looks like he is out of control, but lands perfectly. PBG is told to go around the back of the house, but he tries the front door anyway. PBG finds a 1-Up. Some of the goombas look weird. PBG will beat this game.

PBG wonders how the lumas work, and hopes that they are sacrificing themselves for Mario. PBG was getting footage from this game recently. PBG finds some 1-Ups. PBG finds a secret area and kills all the enemies with a super star, before walking off the edge, thinking that he could run on the bottom, and dies.

PBG congratulates himself on dying on the tutorial level in a bonus section. Mario can fall from any length and be OK. PBG doesn't think he can screw up so much that he can lose all 15 lives. PBG can't wait for another big 3D Mario game. PBG battles PeeWee piranha. He hits PeeWee on the butt several times. PBG wins the fight, and gets the first star. The feeling of getting a star never gets old.The station is of Mario's head. It is a faceship! PBG wonders why they give options like "That's right" and "Yes". PBG is surprised to find out that the game calls it a faceship! PBG thought he was being clever! PBG misses having a big hub world like Peach's Castle or the Observatory.