PBG goes to a galaxy where everything is huge. Also, Luigi becomes a bee and meets the queen bee again.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Part 17 (GIANT ENEMIES!)
Upload Date August 19th 2015
Series Sucking At Super Mario Galaxy 2
Episode No. 17

Stars 3
Deaths 1

Synopsis Edit

PBG is going to get more stars in the game. He receives the same letter from Peach. PBG arrives in World 4 and goes to Supermassive Galaxy.

He sees a huge luma. Everything is big! PBG leaps across a gap to get a comet coin. The large goombas are still easy to kill. PBG panics as he almost gets crushed by thwomps. PBG doesn't remember the giant koopas. He gorges the koopas. PBG is worried about dying on accident. PBG activates every flower on a small planet, and finds a secret star on accident! PBG is bummed about finding the secret star.PBG gets back to the flower planet. PBG almost gets knocked off by a wiggler, and jumps off the edge. PBG discusses how he has been too busy to watch speedruns over the summer. PBG almost gets killed by wigglers as he gets the star.PBG wants to go to Honeyhop Galaxy. PBG wants to see the queen bee. It is time to be Luigi again. PBG has fun being a bee. PBG doesn't want to find any more secret stars. He gets eaten by a flower. PBG dodges bubbles. Nothing cool happens when he pops balloons. PBG is amused by his own terrible bee pun. He meets up with the Queen Bee. It is still creepy to be walking on the queen's back. PBG decides to kill the enemies to get his health back, but only gets one of the coins. He needs to go back to find the stars he missed. PBG is surprised as he finds how easy the last star is to get. He doesn't even need to be a bee! He gets the star.PBG yells at Luigi to shut up! Nobody likes him except for PBG!