PBG searches for some secret stars in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Part 16 (SECRET STARS #1!)
Upload Date August 12th 2015
Series Sucking At Super Mario Galaxy 2
Episode No. 16

Stars 3
Deaths 0

Synopsis Edit

PBG prefers the title 'Secret Stars'. PBG heads back to Fluffy Bluff Galaxy, and has to collect 100 coins. He finds 8 coins in a tree. He finds a mini game in a pipe that gives him a lot of coins. He gets the rest of the coins on top of the tree and feeds them to the luma. The luma turns into a castle. PBG rambles as he climbs up the tower in cloud form. The castle reminds PBG of a Triforce. He gets the star.PBG searches for Rightside Down Galaxy. PBG doesn't know what he is supposed to do. He finds the secret pipe, and grabs it after being hit by an enemy. After burning all the crates, PBG forgets what he was talking about and arrives at the trash area. PBG has to burn all the boxes as fast as he can. PBG succeeds in one try!PBG's idea of being sarcastic is lying to people! PBG goes to Puzzle Plank Galaxy - after having to look it up on his phone. PBG tells people that he should try killing sometime, and takes it back immediately. He finds the greedy luma who wants 70 coins. PBG keeps on saying actually and basically. PBG gets every coin available. With enough coins, he activates the luma. The luma turns into a tree. PBG complains as he is not launched directly to the tree. PBG is surprised that he has to fight a giant bug. PBG doesn't want to have to use the clouds. After a few attempts, he flips into the air and ground pounds the bug. The bug gets mad. PBG crushes the bug without using the clouds. He gets the star.