PBG takes viewer suggested stars.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Part 14 (FAN STARS #1!)
Upload Date July 29th 2015
Series Sucking At Super Mario Galaxy 2
Episode No. 14

Stars 3
Deaths 1

Synopsis Edit

PBG is taking viewer suggested stars this episode. PBG pretends that the viewer asked politely to go to Cloudy Court Galaxy as he hasn't been there yet. He finds that he can advance to Bowser. He arrives in Cloudy Court Galaxy, and is excited to be able to play as Luigi!

PBG kills an angry bird and flies across on his cloud platforms. PBG always skipped this level. He finds a lot of starbits on a symbol, but uses the warp star instead. He can't feed a luma. PBG does a bonus level and gets 2 1-ups. PBG talks about how Mario and Luigi keep the costume on even after they have no clouds left. PBG risks his life to get the comet coin and jumps out so he doesn't get crushed. He gets the star.Up next is Haunty Halls Galaxy. It feels weird to be playing as Mario again. PBG is surprised as he begins to be chased by a giant boo, but it isn't as scary as he thought. It gets harder as enemies are eating the floor and a boo chases him. Eventually, PBG is hit by an enemy and is thrown off to his death. The big boo is back, and PBG moves across platforms to get an easy star.PBG didn't return to the first level to get the second star. It appears as if this will be more intense then the first time around. PBG finds a star and destroys a chain chomp, and is surprised to find that he gets a key for it. PBG isn't sure whether he has done this before or not. He finds a section that he definitely has not seen before, and gets chased by a Mario ghost, but easily matches the platforms. PBG gets knocked over by a giant bullet bill. He kills a giant piranha plant, and is surprised that it can be killed in one shot. He heads back to get his star.PBG explains what his plan is for the rest of his life.