PBG fights a spiky boss, drills into the ground and completes a musical Q*Bert like level.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Part 13 (I'M GOLDEN!)
Upload Date July 24th 2015
Series Sucking At Super Mario Galaxy 2
Episode No. 13

Stars 3
Deaths 3

Synopsis Edit

PBG remembers to speak to the penguin. PBG heads to Freezy Flake Galaxy. PBG mentions his new series, PB&Jeff, and explains why episodes haven't been put up as much lately. PBG keeps on losing his rock, and gets frustrated as he gets rolled away every time. He discusses his panel at SGC.

PBG finds a gambling place. All three dice rolls the Bowser heads! PBG laughs at his horrible luck! PBG fights a giant spike head boss. He spins on the nose of the snowball and wins easily. PBG did not expect a star so quickly.He returns to Spin-Dig Galaxy. PBG runs away from shadow guys and releases a vine. He jumps on the flower enemies in a bonus area, and falls off the cliff! PBG drills underground and soon makes it to the drill area. He struggles to get the last one, and has to make several attempts to get to it. The star activates, and he gets it.Lubba wants to make a terrible joke again. PBG gets more star bits to get to the hungry luma. The luma turns into Beat Block Galaxy. PBG says that it looks like a Q*bert level. PBG can hear the beat on the WiiMote. PBG wants to speedrun through the level, and tells everyone to not worry. PBG wants to know what it is in a hdden block. It is starbits. PBG becomes worried as he arrives in the final area. On his next attempt, PBG long jumps off a cliff. PBG decides to mumble until he gets all the silver stars. He gets knocked off by an enemy. He gets all the silver stars and gets the star while still rambling.PBG tells Jeff that he said Bye-Bye so the video is over. He says Bye-Bye again!