PBG goes to the snow to burn snowmen that look like Bowser and co, rolls on a ball and rolls over some crabs.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Part 11 (JUMP OFF THE CLIFF!)
Upload Date July 10th 2015
Series Sucking At Super Mario Galaxy 2
Episode No. 11

Stars 3
Deaths 5

Synopsis Edit

PBG doesn't remember what he is doing and everything is going wrong! Someone taught PBG how to go back to the faceship. PBG needs a lot more starbits. PBG wants to go to a snowy place.

PBG admires the house in Freezy Flake Galaxy and struggles to talk. PBG discusses SGC, and how he is working on two videos at once. PBG says that the next Hardcore will be Mine Z series 2. PBG burns the statues of goobas and Bowser.

PBG slides down a halfpipe, and says that he has been playing Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. PBG falls off the edge. He finds a pipe and heads it to the next area. He pushes a snowball across the lava, but is burned by a fireball - after saying it has been an easy level. PBG panics as he destroys the Bowser statue and gets the star.PBG asks Siri how many stars he needs to beat Super Mario Galaxy 2. She is useless and PBG remembers on his own. Luigi appears. PBG is excited for some rolling in Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy. PBG yells at the game for trying to teach him the instructions.

PBG likes the motion controls levels. PBG is embarrassed by the fact that Wii Sports Resort is one of his favorite Wii games. He is very good at the basketball game. PBG almost falls off the edge and starts screaming. PBG almost made a video called the 'Top 5 games I'm good at for no reason.' PBG pays just enough attention to get the comet coin, but falls off the edge after the saws remove the platform.

He tries again while telling a story, but is blown off the edge. PBG decides just to ram them. PBG fails to get all the music notes. He heads to the silver chain chomp, and knocks him off easily before getting to the star. PBG appreciates the vibes.

A prankser comet has appeared. PBG is surprised by recieving 50 bonus star bits. He heads back to Boulder Bowl Galaxy for the prankster comet. PBG is confused as to what to do, and after wasting a lot of time, he finds the powerup and starts killing the crabs. He just dies because he didn't get them all! That's harsh!

After rolling across the entire planet, he hits one! He fails again with one left. PBG feels he is doing pretty decent and runs the last few down before getting the star.

Another prankster comet appears. Mail Toad has another letter. He gets more star bits.