PBG doesn't feel like playing a video game, so he watches the Super Mario Bros. Super Show instead!

Super Mario Bros. Super Show
Upload Date July 16th 2014
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Synopsis Edit

Austin doesn't feel like playing a video game, so he's going to live his real life instead! He's in a park with Namira, and concludes that real life sucks.

He decides to watch a TV show about a video game instead! He discusses the concept of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, and discusses the first episode. PBG has fond memories of watching the episodes on VHS as a young kid, and only remembers the food jokes.

A woman called Stephanie appears in a wall, and gets the plumbers to prove themselves by fixing a clogged sink, and then a cartoon happens for some reason. 

Toad gets kidnapped by a pterodactyl. PBG doesn't care about Toad. This is the first time that Luigi acts scared, which is kind of odd coming from an American cartoon. The pterodactyl thinks Toad is her baby because she is dumb, and she also spits a lot! It's weird! Bowser appears, and PBG discusses some more of the plot. After escaping the cave (or whatever they were trapped in), Mario, Luigi and the Princess find the baby pterodactyl, which appears to be Birdo. Toad uses his hat as a parachute conveniently, and lands next to the Mario Bros. There is also an unnecessary action sequence with Bowser.

Back to the real Super Mario Bros shows some slap stick comedy. PBG is slightly disturbed by it. The Legend of Zelda cartoon is shown, and PBG thinks he should check it out someday.