PBG gets more fan stars this episode.

Upload Date May 9th 2014
Series Sucking At Super Mario 64
Episode No. 26

Stars 4
Deaths 6

Synopsis Edit

PBG has 72 stars out of 80, and heads towards Tiny-Huge Island. He goes to find Hoot the Owl. He rides the owl to where Koopa the Quick is. One of PBG's favorite moments of this series so far was when he was racing Koopa the Quick. He starts the race. He accidentally ground pounds. He falls off the cliff, and tries to wall jump to safety, but fails.

He couldn't remember which way the wind went. He tries to land on Koopa's head. He forgets that he needs the Mario cap, and has to go back. Mario's head is smacked into the ceiling, and he takes damage. PBG does the race again. He's almost dead. He wins the race after having a wiggly run across the bridge.He jumps back in to the big side of Tiny-Huge Island. He has to get to the top of the mountain. He gets hit by a tiny Goomba, and is amused that he didn't even take damage! Luigi ground pounds into the pool, emptying it. He gets set on fire, as he tries to jump into the pipe to get small. He gets eaten by the fish!

He tries the whole thing again, only to fall of the edge again.

PBG almost gets a star on accident. He almost falls off the cliff, and almost getting the condor star! He leaps into the water below and awakens the owl. He drops straight into the hole.

He finds the Wiggler, who is angry that Luigi drenched it's house. PBG sings it's message. PBG fights the Wiggler, making it mad. PBG wins the fight. PBG wants to show a picture of stars, and picks up the star.The next star is over in Tall, Tall Mountain. PBG forgets what this star was about until he gets into the level. He rides the owl again and starts rambling. He falls onto the mountain, and stars riding down the slide. He misses the turn, and falls off the cliff. He was saying not to do what he just did. The next attempt has Luigi turning too early. The third attempt has PBG finally making the turn. He forgets that he needs to jump and falls to his death. PBG makes the jump and falls down the hole to the star.He now heads to Tick Tock Clock. PokeKellz from The Dex suggested this star. PBG tries to skip everything with Luigi jumping, but misses anyway. He keeps climbing the clock. He is worried that he is going to fall. He finds some difficult spinning platforms, and uses Luigi's jump to skip everything. He rides a Thwomp to the star.