PBG couldn't do a star for the fan stars episode, so instead, he spends an entire episode in Wet-Dry World.

Upload Date May 2nd 2014
Series Sucking At Super Mario 64
Episode No. 25

Stars 3
Deaths 0

Synopsis Edit

PBG forgot the concept of Wet Dry World about jumping into the painting in the fan star episode. PBG takes a photo of his clock, which shows 2pm, when the previous episode gets uploaded. PBG is looking for the secret spots (as his father keeps texting him). PBG doesn't understand the weird positioning of the secret spots. He can't remember where the other two are.

He jumps onto the platform with the last checkpoint, and lands on the sign! He jumps around and almost accidentally dies! He raises the level, and mentions how he barely ever played this level. He takes the star.He jumps straight back in. He stands right in front of an enemy and constantly gets burnt. He realizes that he is pressing the wrong button, and almost dies! He reveals that this is because of a different video he is working on. PBG gets the invisible power-up, and jumps and takes a shortcut into the cage with the star!He blames Jirard for every time he says "Oh, yeah!" He stuffs up getting into the painting. Finally, he is up to the star that was suggested. He heads down into the underground tunnel. PBG doesn't like the secret spots star. PBG almost drowns in the city as he can't find the switch. PBG likes the red coin star on Rainbow Ride, and likes the red coin stars that are all in one area. PBG makes his way through the level collecting the red coins, occasionally messing up his jumps. He gets all 8, and tells the fans who suggested it to get their star. One day, those viewers will get a star in the mail.PBG jumps back in, but stuff up jumping into the painting again. He heads back to the underground city. He looks at the backdrop which looks like an old city. PBG wonders why they put a city there. PBG has no idea about what this star is. He sees a star, but doesn't know hoe to get to it. He sees a pole, and climbs it to find an extra life and a water switch. PBG realizes that it must have something to do with the ! switch. He finds a block with the power up in it, and runs through a wall for some reason. He heads through the cage, and jumps up to the star.He has no idea what happened there.