PBG dies many many times while trying to take a shortcut.

Upload Date April 7th 2014
Series Sucking at Super Mario 64
Episode No. 21

Stars 2
Deaths 10

Synopsis Edit

PBG doesn't know why he is running around in a circle. He needs 26 more stars, and PBG can't believe that he still needs so many! He heads into Rainbow Ride. He has learned a shortcut for the start of this level. He jumps off the edge to his immediate death! PBG tries again, and makes it this time. This level is cool, and was overwhelming to Austin as a kid. PBG chooses one of the carpets to change onto, and starts singing. He falls very far.

He enters the level again. He dies trying to take his shortcut again. PBG gave up on the death counter a long time ago, and gets a game over. He doesn't want this to be put into the episode! He starts the video again from outside the castle pretending that nothing happened.

PBG feels that he needs to run all the time in a Mario game even though he doesn't need to. He dies again trying to do the shortcut, and starts to go crazy. PBG cuts back to riding on the carpet, and needs to make it to the nearby ship. He backflips onto another platform, and gets onto the ship. He puts on the Wario cap, and gets the metal power up. he runs to get the star!He hasn't done this level that many times. He only beat the game with the minimum number of stars required. He heads over to the red coin area, and struggles on the platforms, but makes a good wall jump to some of the coins. He can't reach one of the platforms, and does a wall jump away from the platform, and takes damage. He finds a Luigi cap. Now he can backflip higher. Now it is really easy as he plays as Luigi. PBG heads back down to get the star. Luigi's backflip is overpowered.PBG re-enters Rainbow Ride, and tries to take another shortcut, but hesitates and walks off the platform and dies. He tries again, and misses the pole and dies. He misses the pole and dies again! On his next attempt, he jumps straight off the edge.

PBG is now back at the castle after another game over. He cuts to his successful jump onto the pole. He finds out the route he was supposed to take. He heads over to the platforms, and gets scared as the small platforms begin to fall. He punches a Goomba, and continues up the stairs. He messes up the jump right in front of the star, just to die again!

He gives up and ends the episode!

Trivia Edit

  • This episode holds the record for the most Sucking At deaths at 10.