PBG hunts out some of the castle's secret stars in this episode of Sucking at Super Mario 64.

Upload Date March 19th 2014
Series Sucking At Super Mario 64
Episode No. 16

Stars 3
Deaths 1

Synopsis Edit

PBG welcomes the viewer to Super Mario 64 Hardcore starring Wanda Sykes. She cancelled on PBG at the last minute. PBG is only getting secret stars today. He talks to a Toad. He tries to do a voice and bails it. The Toad doesn't give him a star, so he tries a different Toad. It doesn't give him a star either!

PBG moves on to plan B. He switches to Luigi, and heads back into the Wario painting. He has to be Wario again. He instantly regrets it as he falls off the edge! Wind blows him to safety however! He resets the level. He turns into Metal Wario, and walks through the strong winds to get a star.He now has to be Wario again! He heads to the castle yard, and forgets that he needs to empty the moat. He pounds the pillars, emptying the moat. He thought he already did that (he didn't). Wario breaks the box, and PBG finds the Secret under the moat stage.

PBG thinks that the stage is simple. He grabs some of the red coins. After turning into Mario, PBG warns Jeff that this will take more than 1 take. He jumps straight off the edge, and has to start again. It looks like he did it on purpose, but it really isn't.

He promises that he isn't going to mess up this time. He doesn't think he could mess up at this point, as he turns into Luigi and runs to the star.PBG has one more star planned. He forgets that there is one more star that he can get in the secret under the moat. He grabs an extra life, and tries to look for the Mario hat. He gets burnt a few times, and almost dies. He finds the Mario hat. He becomes the floaty Mario, and hits the star switch. He floats up the platforms.He wall jumps the last one, and gets the star.