PBG has been doing so badly, that he goes back to get some easy stars!

Upload Date March 15th 2014
Series Sucking At Super Mario 64
Episode No. 15

Stars 4
Deaths 1

Synopsis Edit

The show isn't cancelled. PBG lied! PBG isn't going to play as Wario anymore because Wario sucks. Last episode was a train-wreck, so PBG will go back to Bob-omb Battlefield to do an easy star!

PBG shoots Mario out of the cannon too high, and has to run to the top. He is back to the boss again. He once again defeats the boss, and gets the star.PBG wants to see a game where Mario is the bad guy, because no one could beat him. PBG wants to get the star with the chain chomp. He has to quit the level, because the chain chomp isn't where he wants it to be, He aims towards the cage with the cannon, and gets exactly where he needs to be. He tries to ground pound the post, but only gets it once after the chain chomp almost kills him. He gets some coins and tries a few more times, but gets hit every time! PBG successfully frees the chain chomp, and gets the star.PBG is reminded about Bowser's Chain Chomp weapon in Super Mario RPG.

PBG decides to head over to Dire, Dire Docks. He swims down to the chests. He gets the first chest correct, and gets a 1 up. He gets hit by a closed clam. He gets the third chest correct too, and gets sucked up by a whirlpool and dies! He got distracted by a shark, which lead to his death.

PBG does it all again, and gets the star.He heads back to "Snow the Level Number 1" or Cool, Cool Mountain. He slides down the slide, and realizes he doesn't want to do this. He quits and goes to Jolly Roger Bay. PBG rides on the green shell until he finds the pink Bob-omb. PBG complains that the cannon is so far away. He fires himself to the pillar, and doesn't get high enough. He jumps straight to the star.