PBG defeats Bowser for the first time in Super Mario Galaxy.

Upload Date August 1st 2014
Series Sucking At Super Mario Galaxy
Episode No. 8

Stars 2
Deaths 2

Synopsis Edit

PBG unlocked the next galaxy. PBG hopes to unlock a new 'place' after he gets this star. PBG gets a 1-up for his birthday! This level feels like the Bowser levels from Super Mario 64. He isn't paying attention, and sees some coins in a gravity section, and he falls into a black hole!

He tries again. PBG comments on how easy some of the 1-ups are to get in this game. PBG thinks he got himself trapped, and walks off the edge! PBG isn't doing so well (and burns himself), and PBG sees Bowser. PBG says that people can't complain because the show is called Sucking At. He then tells the viewer that they can complain in the comments.

PBG comments on Bowser's hair. PBG starts the boss fight. PBG wants $5 for every time he says "I don't remember how to do this." PBG figures out how to burn Bowser's tail, before spinning and kicking him.

PBG gets Bowser the second time, and has lost most of his health. He successfully beats Bowser. Bowser disappears, and PBG wonders where he gets his magic abilities. He gets the Grand Star.PBG tries to explain how the hub world works, and confuses himself. PBG wants to read the book. PBG reads through Rosalina's text, and he wants Rosalina to do something. PBG heads to the kitchen.

PBG heads to Beach Bowl Galaxy. He loves this level. He likes the water levels in this game. He jumps on a penguin and talks to it. PBG starts to get the sparklies. He's having trouble with the inverted controls, and needs a coin before he dies. he doesn't know where the last one is. The eel has it. He gets frightened by the eel.

He is lost and doesn't know where the star is. He rides on a vine. He launches himself onto the land next to the waterfall. It was pretty cool. He is still lost, and finally finds the launch star. He thinks he is on drugs. He grabs the giant coin and collects the music notes. He wall jumps and gets the next star.A new galaxy has been unlocked. It is Hurry-Scurry Galaxy. This looks more like a planet than a galaxy - if it even is that! He accidentally hits a Goomba. He has to grab all of the musical notes. He is feeling confident about this star, and the game overall. He grabs the star! He thinks he'll need to change the name of the show since he is doing so well!