In this episode of Sucking At, PBG fails at platforming, fights a boss, and races himself.

Space Ships!
Upload Date July 25th 2014
Series Sucking At Super Mario Galaxy
Episode No. 7

Stars 3
Deaths 3

Synopsis Edit

PBG feeds a luma star bits. PBG heads into the new galaxy, Sweet Sweet Galaxy. PBG tries to run as fast as possible in this level, and ends up dying. He forgets what he was talking about. He gets electrocuted, and dies. He constantly long jumps, and misses a jump and dies again.

He wants to prove to people that he sucks - on accident! He finally makes it to the third section. He discusses how he never really did the comet stars when he first played it. He makes it to the last section, and he says that this level is short. He jumps onto the cake, and gets the star. He does like how the Toad's are always around helping, despite what he said about them!PBG has planned to get his next star in the fountain, and he complains about Mario moving so slowly. He heads back to Space Junk Galaxy for another boss fight. There are air ships in space, and PBG insults Captain Toad again for his dumb decisions. He loves how Mario kicks the Goombas.

PBG makes it onto the airship.He finds a hint as to what to do at the boss fight. He gets confused as to what he is supposed to do, and has to get a shell again. He throws some koopa shells at the enemies, and finds a red shell. He thinks he can hit the enemy with the shell - and misses. He heads towards the boss ship.

The Kamek has a star in his wand. PBG easily beats the boss. The game is easier than PBG remembers.PBG comments that he has always been bad at platformers. PBG messes with the Prankster Comet, and doesn't know what he is doing with them. He heads to the one on Honeyhive Galaxy, and gets excited when he sees the prankster comet screen.

He sees the dark Mario from Super Mario Sunshine. PBG gets lost quickly, and decides to follow the Dark Mario. PBG gets cocky, and gets stuck in the honey. Cosmic Mario overtakes him, and wins! PBG thought he was a long way behind!

On his second attempt, PBG gets it right.He's happy with his 16 stars.