PBG aims for three stars this episode, one of which involves riding on a ball.

Upload Date July 14th 2014
Series Sucking at Super Mario Galaxy
Episode No. 6

Stars 3
Deaths 1

Synopsis Edit

PBG has unlocked the fountain, and plays in the water. He reaches Space Junk Galaxy. He correctly remembers that he will be pulling Mario a lot. He lets go, and falls a long way down. He was trying to land on something that he couldn't land on. He walks on the balls and struggles to get the star pieces, as he is disorientated.

He criticizes that they should be using the rocket, not just walk on it. PBG is close to the star, and decides to ignore the spiders after he gets hit by one. He sees the Toad Brigade frozen. He saves the Goomba too. He insults Captain Toad again, saying that he has seen more Star Trek than Captain Toad. He reaches the part where the platforms appear and disappear as Mario moves, and collects the silver stars. He almost falls. The power star appears, and PBG is disappointed that it is at the start of the area.PBG finds the high score funny, as he only got 3 coins! He loves Rolling Green Galaxy. He thinks that he will die a lot and start complaining about it! He loves the riding the ball mechanic. He tells Bill Board to shut up, as it is the most punny board he has ever seen!

He decides to roll through it as fast as he can. He can't get down the hole and becomes frustrated. He makes a cool jump over a hole, but he dies a short time later.

He doesn't care that he died, and tries again. He goes slower this time. He takes the hard route, and doesn't get many of the star bits on that  track. He reaches the end, and wants to do more. PBG gets the star.PBG heads to the new galaxy, Battlerock Galaxy. He doesn't remember it. He gets the blue star pieces, but struggles because he becomes disorientated, and even his jumps don't do what he was expecting! He reaches the moving platform section, and tries to explain how Mario becomes a screwdriver. He doesn't think this will be difficult, and gets electrocuted as he makes fun of it!

The level isn't too complicated, and he reaches the end of the level. He sees the bullet bill, and he has to pick up the coins. The bullet bills are annoying as the keep on missing the targets. One of them hits Mario as he is on a trampoline.

The bullet bills keep on hitting the ground, or into Mario. PBG doesn't want to die, and almost hits a Goomba! He picks up the star. Sometimes the bullet bills are annoying.PBG turns every word into words starting with B. PBG talks to the Prankster Comet Luma.