PBG rides on a manta ray, turns into a bee to defeat a giant beetle and gets electrocuted on this episode of Sucking At.

Upload Date July 4th 2014
Series Sucking At Super Mario Galaxy
Episode No. 4

Stars 3
Deaths 1

Synopsis Edit

PBG has unlocked Loopdeeloop Galaxy. PBG likes it because it is like the slides from Super Mario 64. And it has penguins! PBG starts, and likes to boost with A the entire time. He gets most of the coins before he starts. He has been playing a lot of Mario Kart lately, and it is super fun! PBG feels that he is mostly under control, and just as he is about to cross the goal, he loses control and almost falls off! He reaches the goal, and picks up the star!PBG wants to pick up the pace, and get a lot of stars in an episode. He heads back to Honeyhive Galaxy, which has become infested. The bees are cuter than the bugs, so they must be the good guys! PBG gets shot across the stage with a bubble, and before he can get extra health, he is hit by a bug, and thinks it was unfair.

He jumps down for some reason. PBG is lost again. He realizes that he should kill all the Madibugs. He picks up the bee suit, and still doesn't know if he should be killing them all or not. He moves on to the area with the queen bee. He talks to the queen bee, and heads over to the boss. He wants to look at her first.

PBG rambles about how he wouldn't have believed someone if they told him that he would be a bee in space as a baby. He tries to beat the boss without the bee suit, and after being hit once, he manages to get the boss to start flying. He can't launch himself high and far enough, so he picks the bee suit up again. He still struggles to get the high, and uses a flower to get back to it.

He misses the boss multiple times, before slamming down from a large height. Bumblebee Mario gets the star, and PBG tries to sing. He gets the star.He heads to Flipswitch Galaxy, and decides that this star won't take very long. He lands on the platform turning it yellow. PBG gets electrocuted a few times before dying to a spiky platform. He decides he totally failed. He tries again, and takes a shortcut across the gap. He successfully paints the galaxy yellow, and he notices the NES inspired background before he gets the star.With 8 stars now, he unlocks a new planet, and ends the episode after the cutscene.