PBG investigates the honeybee level. He hates Captain Toad a lot!

Upload Date June 27th 2014
Series Sucking At Super Mario Galaxy
Episode No. 3

Stars 2
Deaths 0

Synopsis Edit

PBG's Wiimote is freaking out. He heads into Honeyhive Galaxy. He heads over to the bee power-up. Mario can now fly, but can't ground pound. He heads over towards the Queen Bee. PBG barely remembers the Slurples, and doesn't know what they are called. PBG gets to the land with the queen on it, and PBG's phone rings again.

He climbs up the honey, and rambles. He struggles to get up the honey. He tells Jeff to not worry about putting this in. He reaches the queen and makes a bad pun. After losing the bee suit by landing in the water, he gets it back and jumps onto the queen. She doesn't give him a star, and PBG says that it won't cut it. He doesn't know what the transporters are called. PBG calls Captain Toad an idiot for not recognizing Mario. PBG gets the star, and says that he won't be able to keep track of his stars.After talking to Rosalina, PBG heads back over to Captain Toad. PBG is in a bad mood, and makes fun of Captain Toad, and at how useless he is.

He heads back to Honeyhive Galaxy. PBG struggles at getting a trampoline to work, as he collects star bits, and looks around at the view. He accidentally does everything right, and he tries to talk quickly without stopping. A sign talks to him. He wall jumps for a while, and heads to the next planet, which is a weird shape.

He becomes invincible, and falls down a hole. PBG gets confused at what he is supposed to do. He finds a button, activating a windmill. He finds an angry mother and child beetle, and PBG kills them both and doesn't feel bad about it!