PBG gets some stars in Good Egg Galaxy.

Upload Date June 20th 2014
Series Sucking At Super Mario Galaxy
Episode No. 2

Stars 2
Deaths 0

Synopsis Edit

PBG has to put his wrist strap on. He decides to get an extra life. He heads into the first area, and makes weird noises when images appear in the speech. He heads to Good Egg Galaxy, and tells the star to shut up, and rambles about Star Trek. His battery is low, and he decides to hope that the batteries last.

He launches himself through the level. He gets beaten up by some rolling boulders as he tries to talk about how the planets work. He collects the 5 star pieces and continues through the level. He remembers that he can destroy the boulders. He makes it to the giant egg. He breaks the shell and starts the fight. He gets hit. He starts to sing as he hits the boss. He successfully kills the piranha, and gets the star.PBG panics as he sees the battery warning again. He continues to read the text, and makes noises when the images are shown. PBG is angered when he realizes that he has to pay a fee to be told something he already knows! He heads back to Good Egg Galaxy.

He decides to gather star bits, as he is probably going to need them. He shoots an enemy with a star bit, and finds that it doesn't like it. With 70 star bits, he decides that he probably has enough for the luma. He gets lost, and goes past where the hungry luma is. He finally gets to the luma with 103 star bits. He just has enough! The luma transforms into a planet.

He gets past the obstacles, and jumps onto the pill. He doesn't know how to get in. He finds the entrance. He easily gets through the gravity section, and heads to the location with the star, and picks up the blue star pieces, as he gets dizzy from the disorientating gameplay. He launches himself to the star.He unlocks a new level. He ends the video. He asks if the viewer is still watching.