PBG kicks off a new series of Sucking At, this time playing Super Mario Galaxy!

Upload Date June 13th 2014
Series Sucking At Super Mario Galaxy
Episode No. 1

Stars 1
Deaths 0

Synopsis Edit

PBG welcomes to the next PBG sucks at series. PBG liked the 64 DS game, so he will jump straight into another Mario game. He shows that ProJared is the Mii that he will be playing as - without Jared's permission.

There are some cutscenes, and PBG talks about the starbits. Some more cutscenes happen, and PBG calls Peach Zelda! PBG is only trying to beat the game, not 100% it or show the cutscenes. The Wii Remote vibrates, and PBG calls Mario Zelda!

PBG finds the tutorial level, and chases a bunny. PBG has to try to catch the rabbits, and tries to spin but can't yet. PBG is getting dizzy, and he catches the first bunny. He finds the second after getting a clue from the first. He struggles to catch it. PBG's phone starts ringing as he catches the final bunny. 

PBG blames the viewer for him being perverted. He meets Rosalina. He finds it creepy that Rosalina has been watching him! PBG starts spinning through everything. He doesn't know how to pronounce the Wii-Mote, so he says "mmmhheerr".

The lumas are annoying. It was on PBG's agenda to not fall into a black hole. He finds all the star pieces, and launches to the next area. PBG has to look for a key from the Goombas. PBG is getting disorientated. He finds the next key.

PBG is inside the planet now, and sees the Grand Star now, and he sees a "thing" from "space". He triggers all the switches, after a goomba and luma annoy him, and is confused when it didn't work. He sees that there are more switches to hit. He grabs the Grand Star.PBG discusses how the spaceship works. PBG says that he will play Super Mario Galaxy at some point. PBG struggles to read the text. PBG ends the video, and jumps off the cliff, and calls Peach Zelda again!