PBG catches a ghost in the shower, and another playing pool.

Upload Date December 5th 2014
Series Sucking at Luigi's Mansion
Episode No. 8

Boos 2 (total: 16)
Other statistics None

Synopsis Edit

PBG starts by finding a bunch of coins. He doesn't know where to go. PBG unplugged his controller to fix his C stick, but now it doesn't work. He gets back to playing, and sucks up some ghosts and mice. PBG is confused as he enters another washroom.

PBG gets confused at a fire ghost, and tries to use ice rather than water. He figures it out, and lights up the room. He pulls out a poster, which really doesn't want to come off. It reveals a poster with a boo on it. He enters a bathroom, and finds a ghost showering. PBG needs ice, and struggles to talk. He heads back and sprays ice at the ghost. PBG sucks her up. He tries to get it in one go, but he gets shrunk. He tries again, and succeeds. PBG expected E. Gadd to interrupt him, but he didn't as he picks up a key.

PBG is planning some Zelda videos for this channel as he heads downstairs. PBG finds the Billiards Room. The ghost doesn't seem to know how to play pool. PBG tries to hit the ghost with one of the balls. PBG wonders why his heart is in his lower back. He keeps on hitting the ghost, but doesn't appear to do anything. The ghost hits Luigi, and everything is going wrong! The ghost is struggling to play pool. PBG captures the ghost finally, and he feels sorry for the ghost for sucking at pool. He gets lots of money.

He finds the Boo called Boohoo. This is the sad people room! PBG sees if the fan does anything. It doesn't . He heads into the projection room. A ghost begins to choke Luigi, and PBG manages to capture it. There are a lot of ghosts in this room. PBG likes seeing the shadows on the wall. PBG wants to capture both ghosts at once. he tells a short Halloween story, and finds Mario's glove. He finds another Boo and catches it.

PBG heads back towards the fortune teller, and tries to ice the ghost eating. PBG gets rid of his ice, and feels that he should have this ghost by now. He thinks he should blow out the candles, but it doesn't work. He begins to ramble, and mentions Scooby Doo, and Ghostbusters. The picture of the gang from Scooby Doo has a picture of Austin over Shaggy's face.

He gets to the fortune teller, and wishes Jeff good luck editing his rambles. PBG is confused at the fortune teller calling Mario Luigi's "sweet beloved" before telling him things he already knows.

PBG asks the audience how to get the key for a door, or how to beat "eaty guy".

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