PBG finds Mario's letter and bullies a ghost.

Upload Date November 24th 2014
Series Sucking at Luigi's Mansion
Episode No. 7

Boos 2
Other statistics None

Synopsis Edit

PBG walks around and finds a wired door to take care of. He walks outside. He sucks some stuff up, and finds a violent fountain. He finds Mario's letter and wonders why he can't just read it. PBG finds a lot of money. PBG is really bad at being sarcastic. PBG finds a crying Toad.

Luigi heads down a well, and PBG thinks there may be a ghost down there. PBG finds Mario in a painting. Mario is dead! PBG finds a random key after beating a single ghost. PBG talks to the Toad again. Mario was apparently carrying a star around. Toad is being useless.

PBG checks out the boo that is eating, and PBG still doesn't know what to do with it. He heads to the fortune teller to read the letter because Luigi can't read. PBG heads to the Rec room. He punches the ghost around. Luigi is mean to this guy! PBG panics, but manages to knock him out and suck up the ghost. PBG claims that he was being bullied, even though he was doing the bullying. The ghost is beaten, and PBG opens up a treasure chest and picks up the money.

The boo appears, and he manages to escape. PBG finds a bomb and makes a bad pun. He heads back to the music room to catch the boo. Luigi climbs some stairs and finds a door on fire, so he puts it out. PBG thinks he will start to get lost soon. Luigi gets flipped upside down, and gets attacked by some ghosts. PBG sucks them up.

PBG opens the chest and correctly guesses that he will get the ice medallion. Tim Curry is now calling him. PBG gets told a hint about cooling down a bath. PBG needs to search for the boo before ending the episode. He struggles to find it, but it eventually shows up. He captures the boo.

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