PBG accidentally fights a boss, and captures a lot of ghosts.

Sucking at Luigi's Mansion - Part 6 (BOGMIRE!)
Upload Date November 10th 2014
Series Sucking at Luigi's Mansion
Episode No. 6

Boos 1 (12 total)
Other statistics Ghosts caught: 5 (8 total)

Total cash: 15,365,000G

Synopsis Edit

PBG picks up banana peels so he doesn't fall. He falls. He finds a large ghost eating. PBG doesn't know what to do, and gets a rude welcoming from a ghost as he opens a fridge. He gets the water coin, and pretends that Steve Corell is calling him. PBG thought it was the coin for ice.

PBG remembers this ghost, but has no idea how to trigger him. PBG finds the boo, and captures him. PBG can still hear the ghost eating. PBG finds a dog ghost. He finds a bone ghost in the garden, and doesn't remember it. He also sucks up the dog with the ghost's bone. PBG finds a plant that he has no idea what it does. PBG takes a shortcut into the graveyard. PBG talks about owning a creepy mansion and burying his family in his personal graveyard! It would be really creepy!

PBG has a bad habit of backing up whenever he spots a ghost. PBG triggers a boss fight that he wasn't expecting! He doesn't remember this boss at all. He figures out that he needs to suck up a piece of the black guy, and hit the purple guy before sucking the purple guy up. PBG wants to try to not take any damage in this boss fight. He does take damage. PBG feels like he is a cowboy. PBG captures the purple guy and beats the ghost. A chest is revealed, and PBG gets a green key.

He still doesn't remember this part of the game at all. E. Gadd calls him again. Luigi heads back to the lab, and PBG rambles about E. Gadd. PBG guesses how many portraits he has. He correctly guesses 5 and wants Jeff to give him an award. Jeff awards him with the "Really lame award" award!

He tries to read through the ghost names. PBG checks his map to see what he should do next time. PBG says Bye-Bye just as sad music plays. Lightning strikes as he says this, and he likes that.

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