Luigi screws up by letting the Boos loose into the mansion.

Sucking at Luigi's Mansion - Part 3 (MANY BOOS!)
Upload Date October 27th 2014
Series Sucking at Luigi's Mansion
Episode No. 3

Boos 0
Other statistics None

Synopsis Edit

PBG just remembered that he didn't go to a particular room that leads outside. He goes outside and finds Toad. Luigi just punches him in the face! PBG saves the game, and keeps talking. He needs to be reminded not to talk. PBG sucks up the golden bats. He checks out the basement. He checks out all the ghosts, and the ghost gives off a lot of cash. PBG finds out that if you miss one of these ghosts, they never come back!

PBG sees another ghost that drops bombs. PBG gets lost. He returns to the Breaker Room. PBG finds the bathroom. PBG sucks up the ghosts. PBG jokes the Whoppi Goldburg is calling him. He finds a key. PBG likes the GameBoy Horror.

PBG keeps on tripping over on mice. PBG discusses his channel. Luigi pulls the masks off of some Shy Guy ghosts, and he can hear his dogs barking. PBG discusses characters that spin a lot. PBG finds the two special ghosts dancing. PBG doesn't know what to do to them. He manages to stumble across the right answer, and sucks them up. PBG wants to touch a mushroom. It makes Luigi smaller.

He continues trying to get the ghosts. PBG doesn't like how they are in love as he blows air on them. He manages to catch them. Blowing on them made PBG feel better about himself!

PBG heads to the next room, and sucks up more ghosts. He sucks them all up, and the lights turn on. The room expands. PBG finds a Danger poster, and sucks it up to reveal a button. Boos appear from the floor. PBG stuffs up E. Gadd's speach again. PBG continues to say "Aww yeah!" like Luigi.

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