PBG fights with a baby and sucks it up!

Upload Date October 24th 2014
Series Sucking at Luigi's Mansion
Episode No. 2

Boos 0
Other statistics Ghosts caught: 3

Total cash: 3,035,000

Synopsis Edit

PBG messes up his intro. Luigi gets a message from Bill Nye the Science Guy. E.Gadd tells Luigi about new ghosts in this next section. PBG rambles. Jared finds a fake door, and shows what happens when you try to open it. PBG finds the first boss ghost.

PBG doesn't remember how the hints work. PBG tries to attract the ghost by messing with the fire, but it has nothing to do with the boss! PBG remembers that he needs to wait until the ghost yawns before sucking it up. The ghost is defeated. PBG sucks up some large pearls, and gets a key.

PBG finds a riddle book and reads it. PBG continues down the hall. He enters the next room, and there is a lady 'boss' ghost here. PBG opens the blinds, which makes the ghost upset. Luigi sucks her up. PBG has to get her in two attempts. A treasure chest appears, and PBG picks up another key.

Toad is crying outside. Scary music plays, and PBG walks into the baby's room. PBG thinks that a teddy bear has some significance, but it doesn't. PBG plays with a ball and it does nothing. He shakes the rocking horse, which triggers the baby ghost. PBG doesn't want to play with the baby. He throws the ball at the baby.

Luigi gets shrunk. PBG was confused the first time he saw this boss. The baby is mad. After dodging some horses, PBG throws a ball at the baby again, and sucks it up. PBG finds this is awkward. The boss fight continues until the baby is defeated. PBG finds the shiny treasure chest, and complains about getting the pink key.

PBG makes some interference. PBG struggles to read again. The Portrificationizer reminds PBG of the washing machine from Putt-Putt. PBG finishes the level, and is surprised at how much money he has collected.

Something is happening, and the door in the foyer opens. PBG ends the episode. A chandelier falls down and hits Luigi! PBG has never seen that happen before, as he was waiting to start the next episode!

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