PBG begins to play Luigi's Mansion for his Sucking At series.

Sucking at Luigi's Mansion - Part 1 (MARIO'S DEAD!)
Upload Date October 20th 2014
Series Sucking at Luigi's Mansion
Episode No. 1

Boos 0
Other statistics none

Synopsis Edit

PBG welcomes everyone to his new series. PBG had this game near the top of his list of games that he wants to play. He really enjoys this game. PBG claims that people didn't like this game because it was a launch title, and wasn't a Mario game, and not a platformer. PBG highly recommends this game.

Luigi enters the mansion. Luigi only has a flashlight, and PBG likes to press A to make Luigi scream out for Mario. PBG has beaten this game twice. PBG finds a key, and hopes that it's been long enough since he last played that the 'Sucking at' title will still apply. The key reminds him of Resident Evil 4 - another great GameCube game.

PBG enjoys the opening door cutscene. He is impressed by the graphics. Professor E. Gadd is introduced. PBG already struggles reading the text. PBG struggles to remember how the plot works, and thought that Mario won the contest, not Luigi.

PBG makes an "Aww yeah" impression of Luigi, and advertises a video he did with Jirard. PBG wants to change the inverted controls, but can't. E. Gadd teaches Luigi how to play, and PBG skips most of it. PBG finally catches his first ghost after failing multiple times. Multiple ghosts appear, and PBG is struggling. He only caught the one ghost.

PBG touches the angel statues, and they don't really do anything. PBG heads to the mansion. Toad appears all of a sudden. PBG changes his voices mid-sentence. PBG wonders why Peach sent Toad. PBG tries to work out how the Toad's work. PBG finds a mirror, and demonstrates how the teleportation works.

PBG is a sucker for treasure, and this game is about collecting gold coins. The picture frames begin to talk. PBG doesn't know whether it was the frames or the ghosts talking to Luigi. PBG is getting confused, and isn't as fast as he needs to be. PBG loves the animation as Luigi picks up a key. PBG is still confused over the controls as a ghost continues to beat him up.

He finally catches the purple ghost. He is finally getting the hang of the game. PBG excuses himself for sucking by saying that he is suffering from the let's play curse. He finds an enemy that throws banana peels, and sucks the ghost up. PBG tries several times to suck up the green ghost, and finally catches him. PBG gets the last one, and the lights go on, and Luigi finds the key.

PBG teleports back to the starting room. PBG states that after 4 or 5 episodes, people start saying that he doesn't suck at the game he is playing.

PBG says "boo" to Luigi.

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