PBG fights the "real" Bowser in this episode of Sucking At.

Upload Date December 29th 2014
Series Sucking at Luigi's Mansion
Episode No. 16

Boos 1 (total: 45)
Other statistics Ghosts: 6 Total: 22

Total money: 42,215,000 G (Rank E)

Synopsis Edit

PBG is still catching the boo from last episode. He heads to the basement - slowly. He manages to get past the door where King Boo blew him away before. It's time to save Mario! A cutscene plays with King Boo. King Boo makes an epic burn! PBG wants people to talk like King Boo, making an evil laugh after saying something mean. PBG talks up and screws up King Boo's speech.

The Bowser painting appears, and PBG is scared. PBG welcomes everyone to the final boss. "Real" Bowser appears. It's been a long time since PBG last did this. PBG tries to shoot a spiky ball at Bowser, but fails. PBG hasn't saved in a while and really doesn't want to die! Luigi gets whacked by Bowser's tail, and fails some more.

Luigi gets eaten! PBG realizes that he is going to have to redo everything! PBG has to look up what he has to do. He finally gets a hit in, and PBG starts to suck up King Boo. PBG makes a "Who needs a health" joke.

He accidentally hits Bowser, and sucks up King Boo some more. He gets King Boo a third time. Bowser's head is on upside down and PBG laughs. King Boo gets sucked for a fourth time, and it down to just 55 health. PBG barely dodges Bowser. PBG wants health, but doesn't want to risk anything.

PBG successfully sucks up King Boo. Bowser collapses. PBG cheers. A professor calls, and Jeff is confused as to who PBG is referring to. He settles on the professor from Back to the Future.

PBG wants to hang out with Professor E. Gadd. Luigi takes Mario's painting, and E. Gadd begins to reunite the brothers. PBG was sure that there was another part of the boss fight. The ghosts that PBG sucked up are shown, and PBG doesn't remember some of them this time.

PBG counts his money. PBG wonders whether he should save or not. Mario is rescued. PBG is amused by it. Luigi laughs at Mario, and the credits are shown.

PBG goes over the games he has beaten so far including Mario 64, Mario Galaxy, Darkseed and Luigi's Mansion. PBG gets a Rank E. He apologises for saying Bye-Bye 3 times. Then says Bye-Bye again! Luigi sucks up money, and says that he loves money.

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