PBG wastes some more time, and waters some plants.

Upload Date December 15th 2014
Series Sucking at Luigi's Mansion
Episode No. 11

Boos 2 (total: 23)
Other statistics None

Synopsis Edit

PBG has been reading comments and his schedule has become behind. PBG says something weird. He runs on a treadmill to get the shortcut key which fans have helped him out with. PBG is so happy, and he thanks Jeff. PBG is sponsored by Mountain Dew, except not really!

PBG confuses himself again. PBG wanders around lost before being ambushed by ghosts. PBG figures out the door he needs to open and gets to the Safari Room. He hits a fake door, and calls it just as he gets hit. PBG discusses the weird shadow creepypasta in this room with Luigi's shadow. He doesn't know how to trigger it.

PBG needs to find some fire and wanders around looking for some. PBG comes across a Boo, and finds a lot of money. The boo gets away, and PBG gets the money instead. He heads to the next room to get the boo. PBG is told that he needs to water the plants in the backyard.

PBG tries to burn a ghost in the safari room, but it is a water ghost instead! PBG was sure it was an ice ghost before! PBG thinks he is going senile.

PBG has ice, and captures the water ghost. PBG is so happy to kill it as it has wasted so much time. He freezes the other ghost and gets bowled over. He captures the ghost. Banana peel ghosts appear. PBG continues fighting ghosts. PBG keeps on calling the ghost's hearts "souls" instead as it sounds cooler.

With all the ghosts sucked up, PBG gets a new key. He looks for the boo. The boo appears, and it gets away. The boos are becoming more slippery! PBG is angered as the boo gets away with 2 health left, only to get away again with 1 health left! He gives up!

He looks out a window that he has never looked out before. PBG wasted too much time, and the boo found a hiding spot! He finds it, and captures the boo. PBG AGAIN doesn't pay attention to what E. Gadd says. PBG gets some water to water some plants.

PBG wants to get a ghost's heart, but it always falls in the well! PBG heads out to the front room, and becomes lost and confused. PBG was just outside and he still doesn't know what to do! Someone is texting him! Luigi takes a picture of a bird house, and Luigi wants to take care of pigeons there - as he is being attacked by ghosts.

PBG remembers that he needs to go to the kitchen, and is excited that he managed to work it out on his own. He makes it to the kitchen, and angrily pulls off the table cloth. He waters the plant and it grows. It looks beautiful!

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