PBG blows up the moon and makes a click-bait website!

Upload Date December 12th 2014
Series Sucking at Luigi's Mansion
Episode No. 10

Boos 2 (Total: 21)
Other statistics None

Synopsis Edit

PBG heads to the fortune teller after guessing correctly what episode number this is. PBG doesn't totally skip all of the fortune teller's dialogue! PBG thinks he is about to capture the fortune teller. PBG needs one more dropped items. Plural for some reason!

PBG heads to the basement. PBG can't remember what the colored rooms mean. PBG finds an unlit room and lights the candles. Ghosts appear, and PBG thinks something exciting is about to happen! He sucks up the Shy Guy ghosts. There are a lot of ghosts in here. PBG is good at almost being good and then stuffing up.

He finds the boo for this room, and their names are getting worse. The boo escapes, and PBG is disappointed. PBG has to leave and find the boo. PBG sings as he walks through the backyard and accidentally rhymes time with time!

PBG is getting confused as the boo is inconvenient. PBG finds the boo, and stuffs up. PBG gets lucky and captures it before it can get away again. PBG plays Luigi Runs. 

PBG enters the observatory and checks around. Luigi looks at the moon, and the game starts to get weird. PBG forgets what he is supposed to do. He works out that he needs to blow up the moon, and heads down the secret path to the star. PBG thinks about making a Top 10 trippy moments in video games, and says that this would be on the list, but he has nothing to say about it. He'll just make a click baity website with pictures! PBG talks about his terrible click bait website idea. PBG thinks that everyone in the comments is frustrated.

He makes it back to the fortune teller to show her the star. Bowser is mentioned. PBG sucks her up, and he thanks her for not fighting him. PBG picks up the key. He searches for the boo, but finds the boo ball. This boo doesn't have a lot of health but is fast, and moves into the next room and back. PBG captures it.

E. Gadd talks to Luigi, and PBG rambles about Fire Emblem.

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