PBG continues to suck at Super Mario 64.

Upload Date September 7th 2013
Series Sucking At Super Mario 64
Episode No. 7

Stars 2
Deaths 3

Synopsis Edit

PBG opens the star door, and pretends that he is going to win the game before falling into the Bowser level. PBG dies a lot in these levels because he likes to try to rush through them. He screws up his camera. Austin says that now that he isn't overthinking it, he isn't dying - he immediately jumps off the edge and goes silent!

He is very disappointed in himself. He runs back through it again.He gets hit by a Goomba, and throws himself off the edge.

He runs through the level again trying to break the world record. PBG states that he was thinking about making a highlights show of his failures (he says this while Mario gets electrocuted!). There would be almost as many episodes of that as there are of him just playing through it. PBG gets close to where Bowser is before falling off the edge once more and he starts crying. PBG gets a Game Over screen.

PBG gets Mario to crawl around like a little baby. He cuts to the end of the level.

He starts fighting Bowser, and PBG runs straight into Bowser. PBG is worried about messing up. He picks up Bowser, and just barely misses throwing Bowser into the spike, He thinks he has to do this three times, but he only needs to do it once, and Bowser disappears, and Mario picks up the key!

PBG wants to do an easy level. He heads to the newly unlocked basement. He pronounces the Lethal in Lethal Lava Land wrong. Mario picks up a rabbit, and PBG gets a new "Dwarf Princess" key. He heads into Shifting Sand Land, and struggles to read what is on the screen.

PBG picks up the box sending him bouncing around. He jumps onto a green shell. He struggles to get off of it. He gets to the top of a pillar, and doesn't really know what he needs to do. He plucks the star from the big bird, and takes its star.PBG heads into Lethal "Le-thal" (rather than "Lee-thal") Lava Land. PBG apologises for sucking. He walks around the level until he finds the Big Bully. PBG prefers to punch the bully, and tries to punch before he thinks he needs to, and eventually it works out. He gets the star.