PBG and Jeff play the new Star Wars Battlefront Beta.

Star Wars Battlefront Beta! - Part 1
Upload Date October 9th 2015
Series PB&Jeff


Synopsis Edit

PBG and Jeff are playing the multiplayer of Star Wars Battlefront. They are both stormtroopers. PBG gets stuck in goop. PBG panics as they both die. Jeff is killed after wondering if stormtroopers get scared. PBG avenges him and looks at Jeff's corpse.

PBG gets killed by a grenade. Jeff is doing terrible. PBG continues to get killed, and Jeff wants them to be stealthy. PBG gets stuck in third person. Jeff sees someone above them, but is killed by them instead. PBG keeps on getting blown up by grenades. PBG finally kills the person that killed them before. ButterPuddleton kills Jeff again - and they realize that they have been reading his name wrong.

PBG shoots Jeff in the face! PBG kills a few people. They lose the match.Only PBG and one other person on their team got a positive k/d ratio.

They are now on the rebels side. PBG has no idea where they are in the Star Wars lore. PBG thinks they have grenades and don't know how to use them. Jeff experiments. Jeff accidentally kills someone after a stormtrooper was shooting him from behind. PBG panics as he tries to protect a teammate. They get blown into the air by a grenade and die.

Jeff finds it very satisfying to get kills. PBG steals a kill from Jeff. PBG wonders how Butters keeps on killing him. PBG is taken down to 1 health, and Jeff takes the kill for him. PBG falls into the goop and panics. An air strike goes over, and PBG has to sit there to get his health back. PBG is killed by ButterPuddleton again, as he gets blown up by a grenade. PBG continues to be killed by ButterPuddleton.

Jeff runs in panic. The rebels win. PBG is impressed with the game. They both ramble through the outro.

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