At PAX, PBG played SpeedRunners with Strippin, and UberHaxorNova.

SpeedRunners @ PAX W/ UberHaxorNova + Strippin!
Upload Date September 7th 2014
Series One-offs


Synopsis Edit

PBG is on stage at PAX with UberHaxorNova and Strippin. They are playing SpeedRunners. PBG is going to win, and they are going to be better than the last group! UberHaxorNova feels like he should have been in the last group since the others have been talking strategy. All of them will be DLC characters in the game.

They choose their characters and a random stage. They don't remember how to play! There is a lot of pressure on them. They start racing.

PBG goes the wrong way. Strippin ends up wining the first game when the others stuff up at the same time. PBG gets hit by a bomb. PBG ends up getting in front and leaves the other two behind, and gets too far infront, winning the second game. PBG is a cheater for playing this stage before.

UberHaxorNova gets in front and claims that this is his chance, but hits a wave of spikes, exactly the same spot he stuffed up earlier. PBG thanks him for the warning. UberHaxorNova gets left behind. The screen gets smaller, and PBG gets stuck. Strippin wins.

Strippin gets cheap shotted, and UberHaxorNova finally gets over the spikes! This is the first time PBG avoids the boxes. Strippin gets left behind, but thinks he is still in it. PBG gets stuck on spikes after going the wrong way, giving UberHaxorNova a victory!

PBG runs off at the start, and Strippin gets left behind. UberHaxorNova gets his second win in a row.

PBG comments on how evenly matched they are. UberHaxorNova is warned about the spikes by the crowd. UberHaxorNova misses a jump, and begs to survive, but he doesn't. PBG has to win this so Uber has a chance. PBG messes up. PBG hookshots Strippin to get into the lead! PBG takes the game.

It is tied up 2-2-2!

PBG's video is going to be the longest one! PBG messes up, and a boulder chases UberHaxorNova for a long time! Uber complains about the other two helping each other. PBG barely survives a difficult jump. Two of them almost take a wrong turn giving Strippin a big lead, but they both recover. They catch up. PBG didn't even realize there was a time limit. The time runs out, and the screen begins to shrink. PBG gets left behind, and Strippin does too. UberHaxorNova ends up winning!

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