PBG attempts to enter the first dungeon with his hacks.

Skyward Sword HACKED - Part 5 (FIRST DUNGEON!)
Upload Date December 5th 2015
Series Skyward Sword HACKED


Synopsis Edit

PBG is having fun in the woods while Link is freaking out. PBG wants a couple more episodes outside of Zelda Month. PBG is perfectly aligned for a heart piece, and moonjumps over to it. He wants to complete a dungeon. The boss fight in the Thunderdrome is a possibility.

A rope messes up making it hard for PBG to jump up. PBG finished off his Skyward Sword let's play. He won't go back to it because it would take far too long, and it is a huge commitment. He explains the reasoning for stopping those kinds of videos. Link falls off a cliff. PBG can't tell where the enemies are. He gets chased by bee/wasps. PBG attempts to balance and walk across a rope. He moonjumps over it instead. PBG is surprised at how disorientating this code is. PBG tries to climb across a ledge, but fails. He continues to skip over pits.

PBG heads into the first dungeon. His first shot missed because Link glitched away from it. The door flaps around as Link enters. PBG is aiming to beat the boss of this dungeon to end the series. PBG panics as he sees giant mushrooms. PBG tries to find a deku boba that floats around the screen. PBG moonjumps to open a door.

PBG is told to listen to Fi. PBG doesn't remember what to do in a room with an eye. He thought he had to do a skyward strike, but realizes that he has to spin his sword around. He can't because of the corruption. It is actually easy when Link isn't jumping around like crazy.

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