PBG searches for kikwis, and goes out of bounds.

Skyward Sword HACKED - Part 4 (LINK IS DED!)
Upload Date November 20th 2015
Series Skyward Sword HACKED


Synopsis Edit

PBG has a new corruption code. PBG is concerned that a Goron is never going to shut up. PBG tries to kill a giant bug. PBG moonjumps out of bounds and falls into a void. PBG falls down stairs in the void under the world! Weird things happen as PBG tries to escape. He decides to die, and is entertained by the death animation.

PBG is confused by a cutscene that tells him that he is going the wrong way. Link's body is bent over with a stretched neck. PBG arrives in Faron Woods - with its giant mushrooms. PBG likes the swinging animation. He gets excited about cutting down trees, and fights some giant bokoblins. He finds a kikwi, who looks fairly normal. After being surprised by a giant deku boba, PBG is ready for playing and searches for the other kikwi. The kikwi stabs itself with its leaf spikes.

A strange noise plays, which freaks PBG out. PBG tries to fly to get a rupee. He findes the kikwi elder, who looks normal. PBG likes the Zelda sound effects. PBG likes to scroll through all the sound effects from Wind Waker, which sound weird by themselves. PBG moonjumps around to find the kikwi. PBG has to randomly swing his Wii-Remote around to hit the bokoblins.

A wall appears in front of PBG, making it hard to find the last Kikwi, He talks to the elder after finding all the kikwis, and he gets the slingshot. Link uses the slingshot with his feet in the air.

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