PBG has been searching for the headless horseman in Skyrim.

Skyrim - Headless Horseman Ghost EASTER EGG!
Upload Date April 26th 2013
Series One offs


Synopsis Edit

PBG needed footage of the headless horseman in Skyrim for his top 10 video. After 10 hours of searching, he began streaming, and eventually found him. This is a mostly un-edited reaction.

PBG screams "Holy crap" as he chases the horseman. He is excited that he finally found the horseman. He doesn't know what to do other than follow him. This is the perfect shot for the video. The horseman leads PBG into a dangerous area. PBG thought that he only ran across the road, and had no idea that he would just run around. PBG feels like a kid who found a shiny Pokemon!

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