PBG has a large number of shows between his two channels. This is a brief list and discussion of all of them.

PeanutButterGamer Edit

PBG's first and main channel.

The PeanutButterGamer Show / Reviews: This is PBG's main show, which doesn't have a formal name. It is a 'review' sort of show, where PBG talks about one or several games or sometimes TV shows.

The G-Files: PBG talks about the strange mysteries and weird things that happen in video games.

Top 10's: PBG counts down his top 10 favorite things in video games.

To Kill An Avatar - On this show, PBG shows his sadistic side by killing as many characters as possible.

Other shows Edit

Hacking - PBG hacks a video game to see what funny results he can find.

Zelda Month - November is Zelda Month, where PBG makes a lot of videos about The Legend of Zelda, as it is his favorite game franchise.

PBGGameplay Edit

This channel is used for whenever PBG wants to do a let's play or gameplay show.

Hardcore: PBG and his friends have a difficult goal to face on Hard difficulty. Should any of them die, they're dead for good!

Sucking At: PBG tries to let's play a Mario game, and sucks at it.

PB & Jeff: Austin and Jeff play games together.

Collection Series: PBG aims to collect everything in a game in a walkthrough series.

One offs: PBG makes a let's play of a game, but only plays it once.

Other Series Edit

Skyward Sword Walkthrough - PBG began making a walkthrough of Skyward Sword, but never got around to finishing it.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke - PBG plays through Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, with Hardcore rules!

Skyward Sword HACKED! - PBG attempts to play through Skyward Sword with hacks turned on. The characters look hilarious.

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