PBG continues playing with Chippers, Criken and ProJared. Part 1 is here.

Screwing Around in Monster Hunter 3 - Part 2
Upload Date July 19th 2013
Series One offs


Synopsis Edit

It took PBG way too long to put this video up! Jared and Chippers get attacked while PBG just sits spinning his meat! He burns his meat! He does it twice! They find a monster to fight. PBG flails his swords around.

PBG goes through his legs, and is soon headbutted by the monster. The monster falls down and they attack. It gets back up, and charges towards PBG, who gets out og the way.

Later, PBG throws paintballs at him. Chipper tries to cook the meat, and doesn't know how to stop cooking it! Chippers gets into trouble, and PBG comes to help, but doesn't do that much. They take down the monster, and PBG is proud that he actually did something!

Jared has a really big sword. PBG soon also gets a huge sword. Everyone cooks meat. PBG and Criken has an arm wrestle.

A monster that PBG hasn't seen before jumps out of the water to attack them. PBG becomes blinded, and he jumps into the water on accident. The monster starts trying to swallow them underwater. The monster is killed. PBG goes inside the monster.

They fight more monsters, and PBG gets set on fire. A rathian is flying around too, and they leave it. Criken talks about murdering Chippers. Being underwater doesn't bother PBG as much in this game. They find another underwater monster. PBG takes a lot of damage. PBG is scared. The monster uses electric attacks, and Jared faints! The monster is finally paralyzed, but PBG is too! They beat it, and Criken gets the leveled up, and jokes about leaving the others.

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