PBG, Criken, ProJared, and Chippers play Monter Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Screwing Around in Monster Hunter 3 - Part 1
Upload Date June 1st 2013
Series One-offs


Synopsis Edit

PBG finds the other players on the ground. They team all get food. Jared helps the other players out. They go out and find a monster. PBG gets bowled over quickly. The monster derps around, and PBG gets knocked down again! PBG struggles as he forgot how to play.

PBG is taunted by the monster, and then is tail whipped! It does a barrel roll on PBG. The monster begins to limp and vanishes underwater.

In a new area, PBG says that he doesn't like underwater monsters, and footage is shown of PBG struggling in water in Far Cry 3. PBG accidentally goes underwater to the other area.

The monster tries to escape. Chippers finally gets his microphone connected. They discuss how mic problems makes them worry that everyone is ignoring them. They kill the monster. The babies try to defend their mother. Criken can't do anything. PBG was nowhere near the monster when it was killed!

They return to the town. Criken has a huge hammer now. Criken and Chippers accidentally leave the others. Jared and PBG decide to get drunk together. The others return. They fight a Rathian. PBG becomes poisoned by the tail. Jared advises people to kill the cats, and PBG repeatedly gets smacked around. PBG almost dies.

Jared throws a flash bomb, and forgets to warn the others, catching them off guard. Criken is knocked out. PBG gets thrown over the Rathian's back. Criken gets tripped over. They play the game as if it is Smash Bros. The Rathian is pissed!

Criken gets in trouble. The Rathian is dazed after another flashbang. They all attack her. She gets away. The Rathian is killed. Smaller bug monsters start attacking the crew. Criken hits PBG with his hammer!

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