PBG creates horrific creatures in Spore!

SPORE: Genocide Simulator
Upload Date October 21st 2014
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Synopsis Edit

PBG has been asked what game he was most disappointed in, and while his answer would be MySims, he has covered it in the past. He then remembered Spore. He was excited by the fact that Will Wright made the game, but admits he didn't know much about the game before it came out. It got favorable reviews, but PBG was disappointed by it. PBG decides to give the game a second chance.

PBG names his planet Bumstickle, and PBG describes the start of the same and begins eating. As the character gets bigger, PBG feels worse about eating the smaller creatures with five eyeballs. PBG calls his creature Poob. All Poob's know is to kill and eat. The poob gets eaten. PBG wants the species to grow, which he didn't feel when he first played the game.

PBG can now add appendages to the Poob. PBG decides to kill everything he sees rather than making allies. PBG likes to look at the hilarious looking giants. PBG makes the Poob look even more ridiculous and commits genocide.

He moves into the tribal stage. A new tribe shows up and shows their butts. The Poob's run away. The chief of the Poob's runs everything poorly from making wars for no reason to allowing his village to be destroyed. The chief is eventually killed in one of his pointless wars.

The fourth phase is now shown. PBG starts to lose interest quickly, because it is a lot like the last phase, and there is too much to do. PBG tries to speed through this stage, and made some terrible buildings.

He finally gets to the Star Trek phase, and PBG mostly blew stuff up with lasers. He heard from other people that this was the best part of the game and the only part worth playing. It is deeper than the rest of the game, but PBG was burned out by the whole experience. Except for the lasers. PBG did have a lot more fun this time though.

PBG shows a character that just needs to be burned.

PBG attempts to make a "In Space" voice over that echoes.